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Garden Furniture Maintenance Complete, Extending the Life of Outdoor Furniture in Your Home

Posted by:SUNWARD    Time:2023/6/8 19:16:34

After the overall design of the garden is completed, we will begin preparing a corresponding series of garden furniture. With the demand of society for gardens and gardens, there are various types of outdoor furniture on the market. Choosing a batch of outdoor furniture can not only beautify the outstanding style of the environment, but also make people more comfortable in enjoying the beautiful scenery of the garden.

The influence of outdoor furniture on garden style design is unquestionable. It can add to the icing on the cake or break the overall design. Therefore, many friends with conditions will customize a set of furniture according to themselves to ensure a consistent style.

After spending so much money, we should know how to care carefully. Ordinary outdoor garden furniture should be moisture-proof and moisture-proof, more sturdy and not easily damaged. Wood, rattan, and other materials are all made of steel, making them larger choices. This type of finished product generally has a longer lifespan, and proper maintenance can extend the service life of furniture.

Maintenance of wooden and rattan furniture:

Ordinary bamboo and rattan woven products undergo drying and anti-corrosion treatment during the production process. The materials are natural, green, and environmentally friendly, and the color is natural, making them very suitable for garden use.
The disadvantage of furniture is that it can be affected by the climate over time, and high temperatures can make furniture prone to cracking. Therefore, it is best to use this type of furniture in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid direct sunlight.

Garden furniture

A humid climate can cause furniture to mold and breed bacteria, requiring regular cleaning. Therefore, appropriate care is necessary. When cleaning, it can be wiped clean with water or salt water, and after air drying, a layer of varnish can be applied to protect it.

Maintenance of iron and steel furniture.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to choose iron home products, and steel furniture has become the mainstream choice for furniture. Due to its unique characteristics, it can create various unique style furniture, with bright and fashionable colors, strong modern metal texture, and is more adaptable to trends. Compared to traditional furniture, it has the characteristics of lightweight and durable, easy to manage without worrying about mold and other issues. But even though it has so many advantages, there are still its drawbacks.

1. Easy to rust. Especially in humid summer weather, high humidity can cause steel to rust and fall off;

2. Easily corroded by acidic and alkaline liquids. Due to its inherent nature, it is easy to undergo chemical reactions, so attention should be paid to avoiding the leakage of chemical liquids to avoid causing harm;

3. Avoid damaging the appearance. Steel products are favored due to their diverse shapes, mainly because their materials are easy to design and manufacture. At the same time, it is important to note that daily collisions can also cause damage to furniture. This type of furniture also relies mainly on a dry and ventilated environment, avoiding sunlight will prolong the service life of the product.

The combination of various furniture can produce different effects, so there is generally not only one type of furniture. No matter what furniture it is, it should be taken care of and not intentionally damaged, so that it can function better.

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